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  • I'm an student, who can i contact for questions?
  • Please contact your faculty Learning & Innovation team.
  • I'm an employee, who can i contact for questions?
  • please contact our MSC helpdesk email or by phone 010 40 81122
  • How do i share my Panopto video in Canvas?
  • 1. Copy the Panopto video webadress and paste it in Canvas.
    2. Select the share setting "who has access" Anyone at your organisation with the link. see screenshot.
  • Recommend iphone Camera settings
  • Though capturing in HEIF/HEVC format is recommended, it’s good that iOS gives you the option to capture media using the older JPG/H.264 formats that are more broadly compatible with other operating systems and devices.
  • I can't see or access the [assignments] folder
  • Please contact your faculty super user or the person who created the [assignments] folder

Cant find your awnser please see Panopto help database.